I’m delighted with the new Kirkus review published yesterday regarding my novel, Alemeth.

A bildungsroman follows a troubled boy’s upbringing in a politically charged antebellum South…   Carvin… masterfully brings to life a South in dramatic transition, and he avoids the binary categories of pro and con that often typify the genre. Eliza’s character, in particular, is well-drawn in subtle hues. She’s not quite an outright abolitionist, but her Christian compassion precludes an embrace of slavery… [T]his is a thoughtful, sensitive rendering of a complex period in American history… A philosophically challenging look at the inner turmoil of the American South in the 19th century.” — Kirkus Reviews

If you want to see someone giddy that maybe he hasn’t wasted the last seven years of his life after all, come by my house.  If you’re interested in the book, you can visit my website, (where you can download a copy for free) or, doggone it, just buy one from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.!

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