Another Piece of the Pie

I’m happy to say that my 2005 book, “A Piece of the Pie: The Story of Customer Service at Publix,” is now available once again, after many years of being out of print.  I’ve seen this book offered on line, used, for a penny (plus S&H) and I’ve seen it at used (rare) book sellers offered for over $160.  Now, you can get the new edition, “hot out of the oven,” for only $11.95 (retail price) at,, and the like, or for less, when the book sellers start giving discounts.

ISBN 978-0-9768183.

It may not be great literature, but its an easy read and gives insight into the award-winning customer service of a fantastic company.


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Visions of Africa

My golf buddy Gerry Graham and I just got back from a trip to South Africa that was billed as a “tented safari.”  Gerry took lots of great pictures.  We did enjoy the safari and got to see lots of cool animals, but as pointed out in the attached video, there was no tent.

For that and other surprises, you can check out the You-Tube video here.

(Warning – it may start in the middle.  Also, it contains “R-rated” material at the end…)

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