It’s Been Four Billion Years

Tired of histories of life on Earth that are skewed to emphasize the role of humanity, making us seem more important than we really are?  This new “big history” tells the story of all life on Earth without that distorted emphasis. Its backbone is a time line, starting on page one four billion years ago and continuing, page by page, to the present day. The timeline never varies, so that recent history is given no more attention than earlier history. The story is told in blank verse, with no more than a dozen lines per page, and the verse is set against full-color, full-page illustrations appropriate to each time period in the history of life. The result is a quick read — an hour long trip through four billion years — that puts homo sapiens in perspective alongside viruses, bacteria, and climate change. 202 pages, 202 full-color, full-page illustrations. Perfect bound.

ISBN 978-0-9768183-9-7. Price: $19.95 in U.S. dollars.

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