Oh Mother

Oh Mother, That Man’s Here Again!!  The Christmas Cards of Charles W. Carvin

Charles W. Carvin was a nationally renowned humorist who performed with Bob Hope and Morey Amsterdam; he was called by one magazine the textile industry’s “greatest wit, story teller, jokesmith and toastmaster.”  He was also a cartoonist who drew his own Christmas Cards from 1928 until 1971.  In the cards, he poked good-natured fun at the world around him  – the wars, the world leaders (Roosevelt, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Castro, Krushchev, Johnson, Kennedy, etc.), the celebrities (Will Rogers, Mae West, Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Bob Hope, etc) and some of its major social themes (prohibition, the cold war, civil rights, the space race, etc.), always with a sense of humor and compassionate spirit.  Taken together, his Christmas cards chronicle the history of mid-twentieth century America — all in the genre of the Christmas card.

With explanatory notes and an introduction.

8-1/2″ x 11″.  Hardcover.  153 pages.  218 full color illustrations.


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