Reader’s Companion

If you’ve already read (or have at least begun to read) my novel, Alemeth, you may have experienced difficulty figuring out how much of it is true and how much fiction.  If so, you might be interested in the latest addition to  It bears the intentionally old-fashioned and pretentious title, “A Reader’s Companion to Alemeth, with Commentary by the Author, in Which Particular Attention is Given to What is Real, and What is Not.”

It’s a free, downloadable .pdf file, which you can find at the Alemeth page of the website, or simply by clicking here:

Reader’s Companion

Warning: The Reader’s Companion contains plot spoilers and other material which might detract from enjoyment of the novel itself.  It is strongly suggested that you not read any further in the Reader’s Companion than you’ve read in the novel; ideally, it’s suggested you not read the Companion at all until you’ve finished the novel.

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